Today, I saved a life. 

Today I saved a life.

My patient was supposed to go home after a knee replacement. The patients oxygen was dropping into the low 80’s unless they had 2 liters of oxygen on. I called the doctor. I’m not comfortable with this. I’m doing what I can. The patient is not short of breathe, no chest pain. I call again later. I’m not happy with their improvement. We consult. It’s discovered the patient has 2 blood clots in the lungs. We start an anticoagulant drip. We transferred to intensive care unit. They are being closely watched, on the right course of treatment. 

Today, I saved a life. Today, I smiled and actually felt it. 


3 thoughts on “Today, I saved a life. 

  1. this is great, kudos to you! ♡
    i work in a hospital (non-medical) and it always amazes me how nurses keep calm and just do what they can, no matter how stressful the situation.

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