Nobody gives a crap about Kathy Griffin

I CONSTANTLY go back and forth on the idea of bringing a child into this world. Now everyone is so sensitive and politically correct. It drives me mad. There is 50 different sexual orientations and god forbid you “assume” someone is a male or female. Let me just say this, “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU DO.” I don’t care what you believe is your “true” self. Just stop waving it in my face and telling me I “have” to be okay with it. That’s what pisses me off. Get married. Adopt kids. Just stop telling people and businesses they “HAVE” to accept you.

I don’t care if you voted for Clinton or Trump. I care if you are a good person, a good friend. One of my very BEST friends voted for Clinton. I did not. But we are still friends. I didn’t go nuts or belittle her choice. It is her RIGHT as an American to make her own decision. She did the same for me. Like MATURE adults. We actually just scheduled a lunch date for next week.

Kids get trophies for everything. I mean, they could sit out on the field and pick daisies and still get a “Great job! Here’s a trophy!”. It isn’t shocking we have so many pansies now. Then these kids grow up, not prepared for the real world. Then at 18, they go out and realize NO ONE gives a crap about them. College professors are NOT going to hold your hand and make sure you did your homework.

bad grades

Here’s our problem Folks.

Kathy Griffin saying Trump personally attacked her is a load of crap. These celebrities are the WORST of the bunch. Rich snobs who don’t know their ass from their elbow. Your job is to entertain me, not tell me your political stance and then belittle me because of my own opinion. Now entertain me. Even that is falling short these days.

I am a female Mike Baxter and I am a PROUD AMERICAN.


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