Socializing & Updates

Soundtrack: Drive by Halsey

Last night, I finally went out with co-workers after our shift ended. It felt so good to actually go out with people. It was a nice dinner and it was great to be invited to another event at a later date! It felt good to break the cycle of go to work, get stressed, go home, shower, sleep, do it all over again. I tend to forget how important socializing outside of work/personal relationship is to my own mental health.

I’m doing a lot of things differently this week actually. I’m up late tonight because I agreed to work night shift tomorrow and Friday night 7pm-7am (what was I thinking? lol) It hits 10pm and I am done for. I’m not used to this staying up late and such. But I will admit…it is going to be so nice to NOT have to get up at 5am for a change. Plus, the night shift crew kicks ass, so it’ll be nice working with them again.

I discovered who “Halsey” was about two weeks ago. I have been enjoying her music a lot since then! It has put me in a good mood. It has been about three weeks since I’ve had a “bad” moment. My medication change is really starting to work. It is just making such a difference. I went and saw Wonder Woman tonight! What a good movie. It made me upset at the end, but that’s because it gave me #thefeels!

Brandon and I are finally starting to get along again. We have been on a weight loss journey together. Both of our moods have improved. We can actually have a conversation now that doesn’t turn into a fight. I think because we both struggle with depression, it just makes it hard on us. We both are getting out of that hole now and it is improving our lives separately and together. Let’s see what the next few weeks are like.

Until next time my friends.


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