This Past Weekend

Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift

Where to start? This weekend was one of the best I have had in a very long time. On Thursday, my cousin and I drove to New Jersey. We were supposed to go to my aunt’s house but crazy us decided to change plans while in PA and we booked a room in Atlantic City for the night! We get there and we were upgraded to a suite (haha…) It was probably last updated in 1974 and I was afraid to touch anything. But it was great. We ate over priced Lo Mein and I learned how to play Roulette. We didn’t even drink any alcohol, we were already feeling wasted by the lack of sleep! There was a live band and they were playing “Wonderwall” by Oasis (a personal favorite). The whole night was wonderful and I won $7.35! Woohoo.

The next morning we got up and got my Jeep from the Valet (I had never used a Valet so that was interesting). We went to Wawa which if you don’t know, is the best convenience store ever. I got a hazelnut coffee, a bacon, egg and cheese bagel and I drove my cousin to her mother’s house about an hour away. Then I had to drive ALL the way back to south jersey to my brother’s (who lives a whole 15 minutes from AC). It was wonderful to see him. I missed him. My mother was staying with him as well. We went to this really good Italian place and I ate this chicken parm that was ridiculously awesome.  When I go home, all I want to do is eat. You just cannot get decent pizza, bagels, chicken parm or anything of that nature in Charlotte. It’s just not the same. I also watched Good Wil Hunting for the first time, (yes, close your mouth, I know, I’m late to the party).

Saturday. OH, Saturday. My father and I spent the entire day, day drinking at Point Pleasant Beach. It was so relaxing to be near the water again. I felt truly happy and that feeling is something that is hard to describe. I got to play the frog toss game. You know where you pay way too much money for 15 rubber frogs that you put on a sling shot thing and try to get into the bucket? Yes, waste of money, but it is my favorite! I played the candy wheel (because duh, you have to) and I won a Fidget spinner (I really just wanted to see what the hype was about.) I think my dad enjoyed it more then I did because he wouldn’t give it back. I love my pop. He’s hilarious and we are best friends. It had been over a year since we’ve seen each other so I was grateful to have a day just me and him.

I got to this hotel where my bridal shower was being held at. It was gorgeous. For $250 a night for not even a suite, I understood why when we arrived. It was beautiful. There was a bar downstairs, that was breathtaking in its elegance. We went to dinner and just pigged out on thin crust pizza, salads, cheese garlic bread and crab cakes. My brother, my mother, my sister and myself were stuffed full. My brother’s friend showed up to join the party. It was great.

Fast forward. We pre-gamed in the hotel room. Then moved the party downstairs where my mother’s friend was tending bar. They had a DJ this particular night and he was killing it. We ended up doing my favorite shot (little beer) and I drank my signature drink Diet coke and Tequila (Gold..there isn’t any other kind). I call it signature because when I order it, people look at me like “What in the…?” I had my “Bride to be” sash along with veil! It was lit. I hadn’t had that much fun in such a long time, I felt so alive. Being able to be with my brother, sister, my mother and my brother’s friend was amazing. Did I mention it was amazing? LOL

After running around till 4am, I got 4 hours of sleep and had to get up for my bridal shower. I wasn’t sick which was shocking considering I rarely drink. My brother who is a champion drinker was sick as a dog. Go figure? I woke up to his friend bringing all of us coffee and my mother her tea. I was like, “Who is this dude and why is he being so nice?” Apparently that’s who he is. I was happy to be surrounded by people who loved my family. I was told this friend takes care of my mother, my sister and my brother. He’s family and I am happy that there is someone there looking after my brother and sister (she’s been in NJ with her girlfriend all summer). It made me worry less about them. He also made my weekend less stressful by helping! It was just a blessing all around.

The shower was wonderful. Everyone showed who said they were coming! The brunch buffet was out of this world! Everyone was impressed. My mother and my cousin did a great job. I was so happy and grateful for everyone. Now to the thank you cards!

My cousin and I drove back yesterday. Well, while in Woobridge, VA we were locked out of the Jeep and thank god my cousin in law is in the military. She called USAA and after waiting over an hour, the guy showed up and opened the dang Jeep. It was funny and we had a good laugh. Now back to grind. I’m back to work tomorrow and I’m already wanting another vacation.

Till next time my friends,



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