What’s your love story? 

It’s been a while friends! It has been incredibly busy with work, getting registered back into school for my bachelors and I am 21 days away from my wedding day! 

I’m ready, but I am nervous! My fiancé has been very involved in all the planning (he even put the centerpieces together!) He keeps asking “what can I do to make this easier?” I’m like “ahh I don’t know!” Lol 

I’m nervous because my family has a high divorce rate and so does his. We’ve looked at what tore our families marriages apart, analyzing, but do you ever really know? 

This will be my first marriage. We’ve been living together, bought a home, linked everything and been through some rough times financially. We still made it out and never broke up.

 But with that piece of paper? People say things change. 

What’s your opinion? What’s your story? I want to hear it. 


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