Climbing the Ladder 

Hey Friends! 

What a wild few months this has been. I got married, I started my bachelors degree program for nursing. I’ve also been working nights (7pm- 7am) and recently went back to days. My body is all sorts of messed up! 

I interviewed for another position at work, we’ll see how that goes. If I get it, cool, if not, I still have a job and had the opportunity to learn more interview skills. I’m trying to climb the ladder, learn more about my profession. I plan on getting my medical/surgical certification in August 2018 when I’m eligible. I think it’s crazy that I went from being this rebellious kid who my mother was for sure I was going to go to jail, to actually having a career! You’re welcome Mom. 

Staying positive hasn’t been easy for me. As I was driving to work last Friday, my windshield broke. I’m talking a giant crack all across the bottom of the windshield. It cannot be fixed, it has to be replaced. There’s about $300-400 I don’t have. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

I’m just trying to stay positive, breathe and remember life happens. 

Until the next time my friends,


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