Life Changes

It has been way too long since I’ve last posted. The past four months have been life changing. FIRST big news.

I am pregnant with my first child. I am due September 27th and I am kinda freaking out. We find out the sex next week and I am having a gender reveal because I wasn’t given much of a choice, but that is okay. My husband is excited, I am to don’t get me wrong, but I keep thinking, “Please let me be a good parent.” When I first heard the heartbeat, it was the most amazing sound I had ever heard.

At my work, there at SIX nurses who are pregnant, SIX. I was number 5 to come out with it. That is going to be fun with many people on maternity leave near the same time frame. More on all this on a later post.

SECOND big news: I have a roommate now. Who is also a nanny. A good friend of mine. Things have literally fallen into place, surrounded by unfortunate situations, but that’s life. This will help with child care because I’ll be lucky to get to take 12 weeks because I have to work and hopefully I can get enough PTO by then. It is all up in the air on that end, but it will work out. No reason to stress about it now.

THIRD big news: I graduate with my bachelor’s in nursing in October. It will be about two weeks after my due date. That worked itself out too didn’t it?

That has been the last four months of my life. Dealing with all the above. I forgot how much I missed writing. I hope to make another post real soon. I hope all of you are well.



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