Whoa, Baby! I’m Pregnant!

Did you know that the longest pregnancy on record was a woman named Beulah Hunter, who’s pregnancy lasted 375 days from 1944-1945? Uh, can I get a great big “HELL NO”?

I am only 6 weeks pregnant and just knowing that I have to wait at least another 32-34 weeks is killing me. I am a patient person when it comes to waiting in line at the grocery store. But for this . . . I want this baby now!

Well, if I can’t have the baby now, at least I can share the story of how baby came to be (no, I’m not going to talk about that).

My husband and I went to visit our family in Long Island in early November to celebrate my uncles birthday. My cousin recently had a little baby boy (the cheeks on this kid are to die for) and she brought him over for dinner, and to breakfast the following morning. Baby boy was not a fan of us the night of dinner, but at breakfast he warmed up and let us hold him and play with him.

My husband is such a natural with kids and it warms my heart that he loves them just as much as I do. When we left breakfast, baby fever had never been so bad. Earlier this year I was fighting it, but at this point, I had been ready and I was just waiting for my husband to get on board.

So while we were driving in the car on the way home, we sat in a content silence–for him, at least. My mind was going crazy. All I could think about was that it was time. After a couple minutes of silence, I finally turned to him and said, “Will you just fertilize my eggs already?”

Part of me was joking. I never wanted to push him into something he wasn’t ready for. But I knew that I had to communicate my desires with him. I was not expecting for him to look at me and say, “Well, actually, the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to figure out a good time to say this. . .”

I instantly started tearing up. After some more discussion about us officially being ready to start trying, my husband said to me, “Is this better than the day I proposed to you?”

I told him that the day he proposed to me was so exciting and I was so happy because I loved him and knew that I wanted to spend my life with him. But hearing him say that he was ready to have children with me was different, it was deeper. I had always known that I wanted to be a mother to multiple children. Knowing that we were finally at that point in our lives was such an incredible feeling.

We got home and I immediately downloaded a period and ovulation tracking app on my phone. I went to target and bought ovulation tests, and ordered pregnancy tests on Amazon. If you are buying either tests in the store, you are wasting so much money. Buy the dip sticks on amazon, you get five times the amount for the same price as in store and they are just as accurate (if not more).

When we decided to start trying, we had just missed my fertile window by a couple of days, so we had to wait until my next cycle which began on November 18th. I started taking the ovulation tests six days after my period. On average, most people ovulate anywhere between 10-14 days before their next period. My cycles can range anywhere from 27 days to 33 days, so I wanted to start early enough that I wouldn’t miss it if it was a short cycle.

My app was predicting that I would ovulate on December 2nd, so I was expecting to see a positive line on the 1st, since your body will have a surge of LH (luteinizing hormone) levels 12-48 hours before “dropping egg”. But the 1st and 2nd came and went and I got nothing. On the 3rd I was wondering if it was possible that maybe I wasn’t going to ovulate–you know, I started to freak out a little. But on the 4th I got a positive line! Yay! I texted my husband immediately and told him it was go time!

Of course, we had already been “practicing” so it’s not like we weren’t being proactive. I’m not going to explain what happened next, most of you should already know about the birds and the bees.

If you’re not familiar with pregnancy test commercials, then you probably don’t know that some of the more expensive ones claim to get results up to five days before your missed period. So that’s when I began taking tests. Every morning I would pee into a cup, which isn’t really the most fun thing to do when you first wake up, but they say that’s the best time to test because your pee is more concentrated from holding it over night (and anyone that knows me knows that I wake up at least two times a night to pee so I guess that doesn’t really apply to me anyway). So here I go, peeing in this cup every morning so I can dip the stick into it.

The first five days before my missed period I got all negatives. The day before my period I was feeling bummed because I figured by then I would have gotten a positive if I was pregnant. But at the same time, I wasn’t experiencing any of the pre-period symptoms I normally get. I tested the day I was supposed to get my period and still got a negative, yet, I still didn’t have my period. I figured as long as I didn’t have it, there still was a chance.

When I tested the second day of my missed period, I got a very faint line. Now, I always thought I was going to be the person that once I saw a positive test I would start crying (for hours). But I wasn’t even excited when I saw it. I didn’t actually believe it, because when we had first decided to try, my Fitbit app told me that was my last day of fertility, so I had thought we had a chance then. I was testing in November (before I realized that my Fitbit was way off and there was no chance it had worked) and had gotten a false positive during that time.

So I figured this one was just a false positive as well. I waited until I had to pee again, and tested on a second stick. That one also came back with a very faint line. When I saw this one, I just said, “WHAT?!”

I peed on a third stick and that one also had a faint line. So now, I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh, maybe I’m actually pregnant.” Now was the time to bring out the digital test. The Clear Blue. You know, the one that claims to be the best, earliest detection of pregnancy? Well, that one came back negative. My heart sank. I was confused. So I called my primary doctor and asked to come in for a test. I scheduled for the next day and went in around noon.

I peed in the cup and waited in the room for the Doctor. She came in and began asking me questions about how long we’ve been trying, am I taking prenatals, etc. She didn’t give me an answer right away, so I was thinking that it was most likely a negative. I told her, “I don’t think I’m pregnant, all the lines were so faint and the digital one was negative.” She then said, “Well our test is getting a faint line as well.”

I blinked. “So, does that mean I’m pregnant?” I wasn’t sure if maybe I was reading positive for some reason that had nothing to do with being pregnant. So my doctor told me that if the test was showing positive for HCG, then I was pregnant.

To be totally sure, she wrote me a script for blood work and I went to the Urgent Care down the road. They said that the results would probably get back by the end of the day, so I eagerly awaited near my phone. I even called before closing but they hadn’t gotten the results. It was killing me to wait. I wanted to know for sure before I told John. I didn’t want to say, “I think I’m pregnant”. I wanted to say “I am pregnant!”.

But I went home that night and took two more tests using Early Response (the one with two lines for a positive) and they both had faint lines on them, but clear enough that they were there. So that night in bed, I handed them to John. He looked at them, looked at me, then looked at them again. I waited, letting him try to figure it out on his own (he’s a smart guy). He finally looked at me again and smiled.

I told him that I went to the doctor that day and was waiting to hear back about the results from the blood work. We were both excited, but I think we still had our doubts. So the next morning around 9am, I called the doctors office again to see if the results came in. My doctor was in with a patient so I had to wait for her to call me back about fifteen minutes later.

When she did, she confirmed that I was pregnant!

Again, I thought I would cry, but I think I still just couldn’t believe it. Immediately I called John and told him the great news. He was so excited! We immediately began wondering how we were going to tell our parents. We had talked about it the night before and decided to get ornaments for his parents to put on the tree, so I told him I would go to the mall and pick them out that day. I also ordered shirts on Amazon that said, “From Fur Mama to Baby Mama” and “She’s eating for two, I’m drinking for three” for John and I to wear when we told my parents.

I am literally the worst person at keeping secrets, so having to wait almost a week to tell our family was killing me, and then when it was time I was so excited it was making me sick.

Once we told our parents though, it was fair game to tell everyone. We tried to tell as many people as we could in person before we posted it online. Especially since it is so fun to see peoples reactions. We also called some of our family and friends who live out of state to tell them.

I’m six weeks today and it still feels so surreal. I still have a couple pregnancy tests left and I’ve been peeing on them occasionally to see if I still get two lines. It’s like I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that there really is a little person starting to grow inside me.

In two weeks I go for my first ultrasound. Everyone says that’s when it really sinks in. I can’t wait.

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